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Surf bar raised

To be the best, you've got to train with the best. Allow us to introduce to you, TAPS 3T. TAPS 3T is a powerhouse system based on a military grade actuator that push over 3 tons of weight, hence the name TAPS 3T. Combine that with the latest design in TAPS 3T technology and the Convex V Hull and you've got a boat that will out-surf and out-perform any other on the water.

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Simplicity at the core

When it comes down to it, simplicity is built into our core, so when you're down to surf, ski, wakeboard, or head home, just push GO and TAPS 3T will take care of the work. Loaded with over 2,700 lbs of ballast, the proven performance of the Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T, your day will be epic and easy.

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Just Go

All of this technology is built right into the ATXperience Control Center for an easier than ever experience. The Go System will automatically set your TAPS 3T and Surf settings and cruise control. No more dialing instructions, confusing set ups, or moving people around. Now you can focus on what's important — making memories with your crew.

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Powered by military grade actuators, there is no other system that can compare. This allows any configuration or running attitude necessary to create optimum performance using the product of TAPS 3T by shifting the Convex V Hull into its prime performance position.

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Just push GO WAKE.

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Just push GO SKI.

Ready to call it a day?

Just push GO HOME.

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